Exeter, California was about as exiting as an empty movie theater but that did stop Jackie from having a smile on her face.

The wind was loud and harsh as Jackie hopped up the few wooden steps of her best friends house, backpack slung over her back and bouncing off her rather thin and boney back. The bag contained some clothes and her toothbrush but mostly it was more odd things that filled her bag. She smoothed down her wild blonde hair before ringing the bell.

The street lights from behind were starting to click on, a sign she should hurry home but she was spending the night with her best friend, Marilyn and she was going to introduce her friend to the world of witchcraft, namely love spells. Jackie truly believed she was a witch, not by religion, but what was called a natural witch. It was something in your blood.

Some people can talk to the dead, she can cast spells.

Marilyn’s little brother, Cody, the little brat they were going to watch that night, was freaked out by witches, werewolves, vampires and mummies. It’d be easy to get him into bed with a simple threat of turning him into a frog. The wind blew hot and dry as the crickets sang their evening song. She rang the doorbell and wiped off the crop dust on her acid wash jeans.

The door opened before the chime stopped echoing from inside the house. An amused grin twisted Jackie’s mouth. “Jackie!” said the dad, holding his arms wide open. The dad stared at Jackie in disbelief. “We’re really glad you came! This is Marilyn’s first time watching Cody by herself at night.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“It’s not that we don’t trust her…it’s the people creeping about we don’t trust.” Somehwere down the street, a dog barked.

Marilyn came down the stairs which came into the hallway, the hallway fed into the foyer, where Jackie and her dad stood. “Did you bring the stuff?” asked Marilyn. Marilyn didn’t believe in witchcraft, but she did want to believe that there was a love spell in Jackie’s books that would make Burnell fall in love with her. The dad sighed. “Dad, we’re not talking about alcohol.”

“I know what you guys are talking about, witchcraft,” he said. “You know that freaks your little brother out.”

“Well, it freaks me out when he wipes his snotty nose on my clothes,” said Marilyn.

“As long as there are no pentagrams or Ouija boards, it’s fine,” said her mother.

“What’s a pentagram?” asked Cody who sat on the couch. He was about as still and chill as a person with ADD. He was was also just the tiniest bit psychotic. “What’s a Ouija board?”

Jackie snorted. “Things that would scare the ever living hell out of you!”