A dark haired couple sat on the foot of a hotel bed. “Are you sure your OCD is okay with you sleeping in a place as dirty as this?” asked the male. “I could keep driving, I’m sure we’d find another motel shortly.”

“My OCD is fine.”

“I think I may have caught some OCD from you,” he said. “This place is making me get the chills.”

“OCD isn’t contagious.”

“What kind of motel doesn’t even have rooms with TVs?” chuckled the male.

“We are out here in the country,” said the female. “Granted, Enterprise, Utah had a TV in their motel’s rooms.”

“Oak Glen is a map dot, unlike Enterprise,” said the male. He turned to the female, his wife. Enterprise, UT was her hometown. “No offense.” He fell back onto the bed. “This is the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever been on.” He sat back up and eyed his wife up and down. “I think sex is out of the question for tonight.”

“When were you going to tell me sex was on the table for tonight?” purred his wife. “And maybe I don’t mind lumpy mattresses?”

“When isn’t it on the table?” laughed the male.

“True.” She got off of the bed. “I’m going to take my make-up off.”

He laid back down as he heard her turn the water on, then off, then he could hear the sounds of her scrubbing her teeth and the extra bones popping through her gums; or tori as it is known. He sat back up. “Why is the damn bed so lumpy?”

The fitted sheet rose up and poked his thigh. He ripped off the fitted sheet and saw the mattress was sewn back together, but in the darkness where the springs hung out, he saw the face of a young girl, her hand poking out. “What the fuck!?” he screamed.

“Help me!”