“Wasn’t there a horror movie based on this?” sneered Cassidy, joining her boyfriend and her two friends on a brick porch. It offered little relief from the blaring desert sun of Utah. “I believe it was a lesbian horror movie.”

Alyssa fumbled with the keys to the front door. “I hate labels for movies. A DVD cannot be straight, gay or bisexual.”

“Isn’t there a horror movie were friends go to a little house out in the country and a killer comes after them?” asked Cassidy.

Cassidy knew she was as subtle as a splinter about the movie, but when she had a bisexual friend, that movie HAD to come up. Why? Not even Cassidy knew the answer. “Haute Tension.” Alyssa’s voice croaked, as smooth as sandpaper.

“And wasn’t there a lesbian in it?”

Alyssa sighed, she really wanted to scream. “Yes.”

“Don’t go all lesbo on  me,” said Cassidy as Alyssa put the key into the lock. “Wouldn’t be fair to Andrew.”

Andrew and Alan looked about Utah from the porch, it looked about as exciting as an empty movie theater. “Like I would,” hissed Alyssa. The desert that was around them all was basically an ocean of dust. “If my OCD allowed it, I’d have a new girl crush.”

“On me?” asked Cassidy. “I know you would.” Cassidy, standing there in all her bright colored clothes, impossibly beautiful, look radiant standing in the afternoon sun of Utah.

Alyssa groaned as she opened the door to her late grandfather’s farmhouse. She came from a long line of famers on her mother’s side of the family. This farm was located in a small town of Utah. The reason Alyssa and three city dwellers were there was because they wanted to write scary stories; well, not Alyssa’s fiancé, he just wanted to spend time with her.

Alyssa looked at fiancé and her friend and her boyfriend. “Before I show you the bedrooms, Andrew and I get the room downstairs with the TV,” she said. “I brought along my DVDs and they will be watched.”

“Well, as long as you don’t mind taking your clothes off during them, I have no issues with this,” smiled Andrew.

“You are such a perv,” groaned Cassidy.

“Hey, I don’t allow him a shirt,” purred Alyssa. Alyssa was drooling, she was hungry for Andrew’s body.

“Alyssa, where is the bathroom?” asked Alan, his voice taking on a sudden edge.

“Through the kitchen, why?”

“I need to vomit.”

Hearing Alan needed to vomit made Cassidy’s stomach go cold, and that cold spread to where it touched her heart. “Is everything okay, baby?” gasped Cassidy.

“I just imagined those two doing it to a horror film,” burped Alan.