aka Ruth Paradis

  • I live in Hollyweird
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Author/Paralegal
  • I am Female
  • LexPetitxVampire

    Man in the Mini Mart

    December 20, 2018 by LexPetitxVampire

    My husband, father-in-law and myself were coming home from a Las Vegas trip. We had stopped in Kingman, Arizona for a few hours – my father-in-law knew someone who lived there and my husband took me to get a tattoo. My father-in-law met us at the tattoo parlor as the guy was finishing up a butterfly tattoo on my arm, and we all stepped outside.

    We stepped outside and my father-in-law threw the butt of his cigarette out to the ground, and ran a hand through his hair – which I adore! The sun dazzled upon its honey dipped color, and told us he needed to fill the tank of his car.

    We all met back up again at a service station, and I ran inside to use the restroom, before we drove back to California. I step inside of the small store, and look aro…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    High School Job

    November 26, 2018 by LexPetitxVampire

    A few feet away from my high school, there was a gas station; most students worked at the Starbucks, or Del Taco or hell, even the Carl’s Jr across the street – or if they were really clean, they worked at In-n-Out. I didn’t get along too well with the kids at my school, so I decided to take a part time job at the gas station.

    When the owner found out I didn’t have a zero period, he stuck me with all the night shifts. Being that this gas station was on a main road that connected Orange to the rest of the world, it was heavily trafficked at all times, so the front door had to stay open.

    I was never real wild about having the night shift, but the boss allowed me to play whatever music I wanted – within a certain limit – and Ozzy and Alice Coo…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    Spider Bite

    October 9, 2018 by LexPetitxVampire

    I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life when I liked hospitals; which is weird, seeing as how much time I’ve spent in them and my immense love of medicine. In my early twenties, my mother had gotten a rare form of breast cancer, and while I hated the idea of spending hours upon hours at a hospital, I knew deep down, that she would spend hours upon hours at a hospital if the tables had turned and I had cancer. Unless I took up smoking and fell ill with lung cancer, I’d be on my own at that point. But my mom, deep down, knew that same goes for her as well.

    But when I woke up in the hospital after being bitten by a black widow, my husband reassured me it would be fine, but he had to leave twenty minutes before visiting hours were …

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    The night was pitch black as my mother and I were out for a walk, I was unsure to as why I was walking with her, it seemed she was too quick to anger ever since I moved out with my husband. We passed people standing on their porches, peering into the deepening night. I breath wrong, I’m a terrible person. I don’t answer a call, I am shit. I’m not over the moon to talk to her, I may as well kill myself. We had just gotten into a fight, because I stuck up for my twin sister. My twin sister was expelled from high school, about ten years ago, due to her mental illness making her the target of death threats.

    Of course, our mother never believed that was the reason why she was expelled, because she could never raise a mentally ill child. I never…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    I was lucky enough to explore the Linda Vista Community hospital before it was turned into an old folk’s home. I explored every nook and cranny I could, and that was just about the entire mental hospital. Including room 323, a room which had an enter at your own risk sign. This room was famous, or infamous, for having paranormal sightings, especially that of a demon.

    There was a bunch of paranormal events happening in that room, and being the paranormal lover I was, I had to go in! I had to experience ever more than I already had! The entire night, my phone, which had been turned off; as per request of GAC, kept turning back on and making noise.

    Nothing all that paranormal happened in that room, but I snapped a few pictures to prove I had b…

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