aka Ruth Paradis

  • I live in Hollyweird
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Author/Model/Filmmaker
  • I am Female
  • LexPetitxVampire

    Anne Aldrich was eighteen and smelled of stale coffee and old cigarettes, but her teal eyes were filled with so much wisdom and so much experience. Anne sat down at her desk and ripped open the drawer on the side as it was an antique from the depression era. She took out her red, leather covered address book and took out the new one from the Barnes and Noble bag. Anne shook back her red shoulder length hair.

    She opened the new one and the old book, almost at the same time.

    Anne started to transfer the names from the old book to the new. Carmye Alger, Catherine Alger, John Andersdotter…She then noticed Avis’s name. Avis Alford. Avis had died a year ago. Anne felt the need to transfer her name to the new book, they were best friends after all,…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    A rumbling noise could be heard and felt, much like an earthquake can be heard and felt. Alan grew pale white and mumbled some words that his friends could not make out as the sensitive nerves along his spine prickled.

    The sharp wind brought the scent of smoke, making Alan stand up and stumble from the tram before barreling down the same path Michael had taken and Dinny before him. “What’s up with Alan?” asked Kayla, who even in an uneasy predicament such as this one, still, somehow remained a study in black and white clothing..

    Elizabeth and Elliot looked over, the opposite side where they got off the tram, to see palm trees falling over like bowling pins that crashed to ground with leafy clashes. The bowling ball, or what it was known as, …

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  • LexPetitxVampire


    March 2, 2017 by LexPetitxVampire

    I woke to the sound of rumbling thunder; I love storms, don’t get me wrong, but living here, in the canyon, so isolated from people, storms seemed more sinister. Lightning raced across the sky; thunder cracked. I checked my phone which was on the nightstand, five am. No wonder why my husband wasn’t home; he had probably left for work at four am. He worked as a bus driver, and was up at unholy hours. Practice for what was on the horizon; babies.

    He left the bedroom door open, and in the darkness, I saw a man standing there. “Al?” I called out. I knew that sometimes his old man came over, but my pale face was paper white. “Jeff?”

    I got out of bed, thinking maybe it was our friend Sarah, where we lived, no one locked their doors. Before I stepp…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    Ah crap, that was the only thing I could think about as I watched my uncle’s 12-hundred-dollar corgi run down the street in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I stood there, on the sidewalk, holding her leash and collar, dressed in my Halloween costume. I glared at the group of kids and their mothers as they scurried away. I stood there like a fucking moron who had just lost their fucking dog, on the last night of October, looking at their confused faces. Who the fuck allows their kids to run up to strange dogs, regardless of size, and pet them, poke them and in general, scare them?

    Bites? Fleas? Rabies? Mange? Do these things not exist to illegal immigrants? And they wonder why legal immigrants, legal Mexican here, dislike them so much. I crossed…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    Anger swarmed through Dinny’s body, pulsing at her pale temples covered with her fair red hair as Elizabeth gave a shriek of surprise at what she had just said. Dinny was madder than a wet hen. She sat in the front row of the front car of the tram as if turned, offering the guests a view of the entrance to Downtown Disney.

    “You were really in a Disneyland parade!?” gushed Elizabeth, her knees grew weak at the idea of being a part of one of Disneyland’s grand parades. Dinny’s eyes narrowed. Christ. On a. Pony. Dinny’s heart hammered in her throat, pumping anger into every inch of her body. Dinny was mad as a hatter, appropriate to where they were, Disneyland.

    “Unfortunately,” sneered Dinny, who felt sick to her stomach, must be getting too cl…

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